First post lets get it in. No sexual.

A risk, what does a risk mean to you? There is no right or wrong answer but the reason I ask this is because you can’t live life without taking risks. You take a risk everyday you wake up, go to work, get on the highway, shake hands with that guy who looks a little sick but says it’s just allergies, leave the bathroom without washing your hands (jk I wash my hands like a surgeon before he goes into surgery)

Anyways, I like taking risks. I’m a risky person..kind of. I’ll throw a hail mary on 3rd on long just cause I can. I’ll go for that game winning shot in 2K, eff a tied game no OT son, up 2? I’m goin for 3.



You get the point. I have yet to take a real risk in my life. I feel like I have a pretty good life, sheltered? yes, a little. But that’s what happens when you’re brown.

Brown Alert 1

Side Swipe: People said I look like Aziz. I don’t see it.

I will not go so far as to say all brown parents are overprotective but..they are. If I was born with a vagina I think I’d have it even worse. Back to risks, I don’t take them very often. But I want to, I want to go bungee jumping, sky diving, hiking, rock climbing, all that ish. Basically I don’t want to die a boring ass life. IF When I die I want to look back on my life and be like “yeah..worth it”.

So there are plenty of things that I’ve either missed out on or just haven’t been able to go for a variety of reasons. But mostly it’s been because of my parents, can’t blame em that’s just how they live life. And they’re older so they naturally have more concerns whereas I feel like I can do anything at this age. That brings me back to the reason I started a blog, I have many thoughts, ideas, whatever you wanna call it and they’re not substantial? enough for me to write a book..but a blog will suffice for now lol.


2 thoughts on “Risks

  1. This is mad deep. When you talk about risks, your examples sound more like trying to adapy a “wild and crazy” lifestyle so I understand where your parents are coming from…unless there are other risks that are less “wild and crazy” that you left unmentioned…HMMMMMM.

    Nah, I don’t think you look like Aziz.

    I’m excited to read what you have to share!


    • Thanks brah, I guess I used the more extreme examples but there are some on the smaller scale which I couldn’t think about at the moment. And yes, Aziz def. aint me. More to come.

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