Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

Wu-Tang said it best. This phrase represents a mentality that has been around for ages. Just to clarify when I say cash I’m not alluding to some bigger ideal I’m talking about cold hard cash. I just want to discuss/vent/(another word from a thesaurus) about the view of money within the confines of our capitalist economy for a sec. Primarily I want to talk about how being rich is viewed within our society. In my opinion it is viewed as living in “excess”. I’m talkin bout Diddy, Rick Ross, Maybachs and Range Rovers.

I’m talkin bout you bro.

It’s my moms fault. From an early age I would see her being frugal as fck. Wearing clothes till they had holes in them, shaking her head when my dad would buy us fast food on the regular, she just wasn’t a fan of spending money. This has been passed on to me and my mentality is a little different. I dislike spending money on myself unless it’s absolutely necessary (like a new wardrobe for work..which I still need to expand btw), but when it comes to spending on others I don’t feel guilty. Georgetown Cupcakes for everyone! Granted this spending money mentality has definitely come a long way since the days I was feenin for the hottest nikes around.

Best? $125 I ever spent lol Wore these joints out.

Side Swipe: Sister has been asking me to get her bread 11’s for the longest. Girl..

Anyways, I’ve realized that dropping that much on your feet isn’t worth it unless they are some all-terrain beastly kinda shoe that will last 10+ years. My goals are more oriented to save as much money as possible..cuz lezzbi honest *drake voice* I’ma need that in the future.

Back to what I was saying earlier..mo money mo problems. Money can’t solve all your problems, but people make it seem like it can…

Talkin bout you Floyd. P.S. you still a punk for dodging pacman. Tell Em’ Curtis.

My life ain’t about the money, or at least I don’t want it to be about the money, I do realize this is kind of naive in a sense because eventually I will have to worry about real bills, a mortgage, etc. but as my dad has told me “you have to work to live but don’t live to work” naimean?

If I did somehow come across a large amount of money though I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I definitely wouldn’t spend it all immediately, I would invest it let it grow and get on my Bill Gates tip with philanthropic deeds. So take away message: save your money y’all.

This post is hella long and it feels like I’m just rambling, but I appreciate whoever does take their time to read it.


2 thoughts on “C.R.E.A.M.

  1. Oh man, I you got me crackin’ up here at work.

    And your dad be speaking some real ish right thurr (right thurr)!

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