Where do I start. I’ve been feeling very uninspired these past few weeks. I’m just floating through life right now, following my routines. It’s hella boring. I know I haven’t reached my full potential yet but I’m at the point where I have to stay at a certain level for a while in order to move up. And of course I’m only talking professionally lol I love my job, I like what I’m currently doing but I am not content to stay at this level forever. My focus tends to be more on the professional side, school and work take up most of my time. Personally I be lackin, I know this.

No new friends nonewnewnewnew

Anyways it’s getting difficult to motivate myself to do anything these days. When it comes to school I always wait till the very last minute to do any assignment. I’m just better under pressure naimean? If I was a superhero I’d wait till the clock read 1:00 to diffuse the bomb. If I was skydiving I’d open the chute at the lowest possible altitude to avoid dying. If I was a football coach I’d call timeout as the kicker is running to kick the field  goal. I really need to start being more organized but sometimes I just don’t feel like doing things when I’m supposed to do them lol.

I do not know the cause of this lethargy, maybe I need a change of scenery. Being at home is not helping though, I think I feel too comfortable here. I don’t have to work for anything here, food, laundry, cleanliness, it’s all done for me. Of course I am very lucky to be living in such an environment and I do not take it for granted but I mean can I struggle just a lil bit? Is it wrong to want that? I don’t know what I want. I know I want GTA 5.

I know I’ll break out of this slump soon but it still bothers me. This lack of motivation is why I’m a fantastic procrastinator, we’ll see when I break out of that. The routine of life has gotten to me, is it too early for this to happen? I should be a young buck wylin out in the clubs or something. I’m just an old soul in most facets of my life. But old doesn’t have to mean boring.

Or I’m just exaggerating everything and it’s really summertime sadness SUMMER SUMMER TIME.


2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. You had to use that gif doe LOOOOOOOOL

  2. You want GTA 5…get outta here

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