(Late) Thanksgiving

Just haven’t gotten around to posting this.

Happy belated Turkey day y’all and Happy Black Friday to the shoppers.

I’ve always wanted to do a lil “this is what I’m thankful for” post lol.

Growing up Thanksgiving was not a big holiday in my house. I remember a few times when we went to an uncle’s house to celebrate and they did it big inviting errybody. But after a while that died down and it was just the immediate fam at home. Actually most of my family be working on Thanksgiving. We all about that paper.

My mom, my dad, and myself were all usually working because we don’t mind the work and no one else wants to lol. So Thanksgiving was never a formal time for us to feast. We feast when we feel like it anyways. Chicken curry all day.

Yesterday was one of the rare occasions I was actually not working since..high school. So as usual my parents were working, moms all day, dad back in the evening. But again it’s just a regular day for us. So I was invited to go to thanksgiving at a friends house.

I’ve known this person since high school and we’ve become pretty close with over the years and I’m cool with her fam as well. Anyways, this was all new to me I’ve never been to a legit thanksgiving day dinner lol The past few years the closest I’ve come to a feast was the free meal + pie they give at the hospital.

Food was soo good, ate so much. We went around the table doing the whole what are you thankful for routine and I punked out and said “for the food and the company I keep”. I do that frequently, many of my responses are jokey or hallmark standard. I don’t usually fully express myself in public..which is why I started to blog yayy. So here’s what I’m actually thankful for:

1. My parents.
They’ve done so much for me and continue to do so much for me. I think I got very lucky having them as my parents even though I don’t say that to them very often I think it all the time. Part of the reason I’m so open or willing to hear them out and maybeee let them dictate my life a little bit more than I’d like is that feeling that if weren’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m a softy.

2. My sister/aunt.
They my nggas. I separated them from the parents cuz they need their own props. My sister..she something else right now but that’s just her going through her teenage years naimsayin. I get that I can’t judge her too much for what she does now, but I try my best to steer her right. She can’t really grasp the seriousness of school and thangs, but I know I couldn’t either at her age, she getting there. Aunt is basically my 2nd mother. Idk what I’d do w/o her either, she’s done so much for me over the years and she basically irreplaceable.

3. My friends.
I always joke that I have a friend triangle/line segment/ray/one friend. I have a very small group of people that I feel I can really talk to..as we all do. And I’m very happy that we’re all friends. Even if there are months of inactivity amongst us a quick “waddup ngga” will solve that.

4. My job.

I’ve been extremely fortunate in my life and having/maintaining a job is definitely something I don’t take lightly. Times are tough out there and it’s been hard on many people but somehow I am in the position to actually be in a solid job in something that I like doing.

5. Ball
Ball is life.

One thought on “(Late) Thanksgiving

  1. Wow, you gon’ just leave one person out like that. Tsk. Disappointed.

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