Bill Burr

It’s been a minute but I’ve decided to dedicate this post to a comedian that I came to know about pretty recently, Bill Burr. I should start by introducing his comedy because every comedian has their own brand of comedy that they’re known for. Some styles are less preferred than others but they all share a pretty high level of vulgarity..most of the time. First of all he’s from Boston, he’s ruthless to hecklers, not too heavy on impressions but does a few, and comes off as a little cocky. The thing about comedians is that they say things that everyone is thinking, they take these little experiences that everyone has experienced and turn it into a massive joke. Lemme stop rappin and drop some clips.

The thing about Bill Burr is he comes off as a little be the judge

At first his voice annoyed me but he kept spittin hot fire so I got used to it. His interviews on Conan always made me laugh because he kept it so real and I agree with him on this Armstrong issue

A lot of taboo issues also come up in many comedians stand-up, it’s too bad that these issues can’t be talked about freely in a regular social setting, but this platform gives way to issues like racism for example

The dead silence in the room when he brings up some of these things just shows how people are afraid to react, but of course he powers through it. I’m trying to show short clips so I don’t lose some people but I can just sit through hours of stand-up so it’s tough.

Another Conan interview

I think these clips are enough to give you an idea of what Bill Burr is like and here’s a link to his full stand-up if you wanna see more of him

And finally I’m sorry all Philly fans but if you mess with Bill Burr this is what happens. Drunk Philly fans gettin demolished by this guy


2 thoughts on “Bill Burr

  1. Ahhh so this is the dude that people say looks like Joel McHale or vice versa.

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