If you know me you’ll know that I love to laugh and love making others laugh.

There’s an old proverb that states: “Laughter is the greatest medicine”.

I cannot agree more. I made this new category because of another hobby of mine, watching stand-up comedy routines. As I’m typing this out it makes me wonder if the majority of my college life was spent on Youtube. But anyways, there are just so many great comedians out there old and new. Comedy is tough, making a bunch of strangers laugh and connecting them with on personal levels about common experiences is hard to do. But I can relate to comedians because they’re very honest and have very random thoughts. We can all relate to comedians because they take the most mundane activities, thoughts, and turn them into something hilarious and quote-worthy.

They’ll say things that the average person is afraid to say in society in fear of being politically incorrect. All those messed up thoughts that you thought only you had,  are all brought to life by this random dude or dudette with a mic. I hate being politically correct it’s such a pain and to borrow a term from Barstool Sports has resulted in the “Pussificiation of America”. This means a variety of things and one of those things is being apologetic for saying something that might have offended someone else for the sake of some laughs.

Like when Sergio Garcia made that fried chicken comment about Tiger Woods. Ok it was racist, but then he had to go make a public apology…for why. Do it behind closed doors, say “my bad” move on. Like we all haven’t made a borderline racist (or completely racist) joke every now and then. On another note I don’t think what he said was racist, it was stereotypical but not racist. If you make a joke like that you better make sure it’s something that hysterical, so when someone else is forced to quote it they won’t be able to because it’s too damn funny.

Anyways, comedians are the remedy for this. They say whatever they want, in the name of comedy and nobody gives them flak about it. Dave Chappelle, Russell Peters, Bernie Mac, Martin Lawrence, Jimmy Carr, and many more all have this built into their routines. Their delivery makes it seem like it’s just a joke so it’s not really offensive. These are things they have either experienced or observed in their life and they’re just joking about it. Comedy is a tricky thing.

These routines that comedians do are practiced, rehearsed jokes that they re-use over and over again in different venues…….I didn’t know that lol I thought that they had new jokes every time they went to a different location, which is hard to do. So it makes more sense why they’re so protective over they’re tours.

So I think comedy is an art, takes a lot of skill to control a crowd, manage hecklers (Jimmy Carr does this on the regular), but also to talk about some serious issues as well.

“A lot of truth is said in jest” – Eminem

Also comics have the most random thoughts in real life, stuff that you don’t put together but when they string together all these thoughts you’ll have one of those “ohhhhhhh” moments. I think what I’ll do in this section is just put up a few clips of great stand-up, maybe talk about the comedian. The standard naimean.






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