Intro to Sports

I’m going to try something new. I’ve been watching/have watched many sports documentaries over the years and every time I’ve completed one I’m left with a new outlook on life, and fall more in love with athletics. But I wasn’t always such a sport nut, it is something that has gradually developed over time..

Every time I go to sleep I think about the same thing, the same re-occurring thought. 10 seconds left, we’re down 2, somehow I get the ball, crossover, somebody yelling “ankles!”, I hit the shot and then wink at some cute girl in the crowd LOL.

This started definitely towards the end of high school and was always the first image I would see when I’d close my eyes. So I love sports, any and all kinds of sports, but it wasn’t always like this. My dad was never hip to the sporting world, never watched football, watched the NBA finals every now and then but it was never an “event” at our house. Thankfully middle school changed that.

Kids started talking about football and the different positions: QB, RB, WR. Me being a novice I had no idea what these terms meant or who the players were, so I would always just sit in the background and listen. This got old quick so I was like aight this can’t be that complicated and I sat down one night and learned everything I could about football.

I learned the positions, the rules, watched the games and started getting the hang of it and began to participate more in these convos. I also did the same thing for basketball. And I’m kinda mad about this, but I never witnessed Jordan in his prime, never saw him get those championships with the bulls, never saw the greatest player of that era actually play. Of course I can see his highlights and games now and appreciate the all around talent that he had. But my very first exposure to basketball was the Lakers v. Kings playoffs series..yes that series lol.

“The fix was on.” Didn’t understand what that meant till a few years later..

And so that was my first exposure to Kobe. Pause. He was the first superstar I actually watched play, during his prime. And to this day I’m very much a Kobe fan, even though there are many negatives about him I just love his approach to the game and his hunger for more. Life should be approached with the same tenacity.

Anyways, I used to be one of those typical Americans who would worship only football and basketball and was very dismissive of other sports *cough* soccer *cough* tennis. But as the years went on I came to appreciate all sports.

Except NASCAR. Do they even lift?

With this new found appreciation and knowledge of sports I tried my hand at fantasy. Which was met with mixed results. I was in a fantasy basketball league for a few years, which is how I became aware of many of the players, won it a couple of times before eventually turning to football. It was disastrous for a whileeee, not only cuz I hated drafting people I didn’t like in general..Tom Brady..but because I had no real strategy. Speaking of which… I’m coming for you mmmm members November can’t come soon enough!

I just enjoy anything sport related not only for entertainment value, but also because embedded in the sporting culture are core values that should be a part of our society. Things like humility, determination, teamwork, respect, and the list goes on. In any sport the spotlight will fall on a single player for a variety of reasons and if the player is successful enough their life is chronicled through a documentary, which brings me back to the initial reason I started this post.

I started off watching football documentaries, but have expanded into the basketball, and hopefully more sports will follow. I can write about sports all day, but I want to really talk about these documentaries, how they’re pertinent to my life or just life in general.

Now I ain’t saying that I’m Grantland or nothing but we’ll see where this goes. I plan to do a review of a documentary or two at a time and if it starts to build up who knows maybe I’ll be signed lawl.

Started from the Bottom


2 thoughts on “Intro to Sports

  1. Freakin Kings should’ve won that series. UGHGHGHHGHGHGH, Bibby, Christie, Webber, Divac, Stojakovic. CMON MAN!

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