So what do you drink?

I was asked this question at work last week because they were talking about taking out some of the corporate people. And my response has been the same since 2008, *awkward laugh* “I don’t drink”. When I graduated high school, or more accurately, throughout my senior year of high school I thought I’d be apart of that college life. Drinking, partying, promiscuity (HA). But I fortunately found a part time job that took most of my free time.

I have no hate against people who do drink, do you cuz.

Side Swipe: “Cuz” reminded of Snoop Dogg in this movie. First time I heard it..and we didn’t have many TV channels so this movie came on like every weekend lol. Quotations edited for my future children.

“I can’t *believe* this MF’er had the audacity to come to *my* MF’n house, after he done *talked* shit to me when I was locked up, *effed* my btch, had a baby by her. Man, get the heat, cuz.”

Now even though I say I don’t drink..I have drank. But not enough to count, if that makes sense. So I’ll sum up my drinking history here:

1. Sip of Saki at a restaurant in downtown Silver Spring…tasted like crap, but made me pee like cray.

2. Sip of Kahlua at Atlantic City..I was indifferent about this, didn’t touch my taste buds.

3. Couple of months ago? More sips of beer annnd I was finally peer pressured into drinking a glass of rum and coke, which tasted more like a shiet ton of rum.

That is far. dun dun dunnnnnn

Drinking has never appealed to me, especially in college because I witnessed many drunk people. The thing about drinking is that people choose to drink for many reasons, to forget, to loosen up, and cuz everyone else is.

At least that’s what I’ve seen, I’m sure there are more reasons but these stand out to me. I honestly prefer water over anything lol soda on occasions, but even then minimal amounts. I’m not a health nut, drinks just rub me the wrong away. And I guess I am also scared of its affect on me. I’ve heard many times from countless people “You’re so mellow/chill, I wonder how you would be if you were drunk”. Well I wonder too, but I’d rather not find out anytime soon.

Side Swipe: Flashback to when I was taking the test to get my learner’s permit. The question was something like “Is alcohol a drug?” I said False. Got it wrong, and then I peeped it and was like wtf?!? it is?! since when? Told my dad and he just laughed at me. That’s why you don’t wing those kind of tests lol

Back to the dranks. In a way I am scared of what alcohol would do to me. I don’t want to lose control of myself like many people do when they’re under the influence. I’ve heard people see come on brah it’s just one drink. Yeah but then you finish it and you still thirsty naimean? So I’d rather not have that temptation and have just chosen to avoid it. Plus it tastes bad, if it tasted like sunny delight I’d be drinking by the gallon but it don’t and it burns lol

I remember my cousin came to campus once to visit her friend and I tagged along (to see if her friend was hot..she had a great personality). And the convo got to parties and drinking and I told her I don’t drink and she was shocked.

“Realllyylyly? You’re the first brown guy I’ve met that doesn’t drink.”

That’s unfortunate. I wish the culture wasn’t like that, maybe it’s because alcohol is seen as forbidden for such a long time and when you finally experience it you get sh!tfaced and dance on pool tables? I don’t know the reason but I’ve had plenty of opportunities to drink, turned about 98% of them down. My dad told me when I started college “if you want to drink let me know and I’ll buy some and you can drink at home” lol no dad. That’s the over-protectiveness of my dad not wanting me to drink with my friends (cuz they’ll take advantage of me…..?)

Drunk Tux lawl

This post got hella long, I’m gonna wrap it up. No sexual. That’s why I choose not to consume alcohol. I ain’t special I’m just bout that life. You don’t have to be drunk to have fun. It might loosen me up, but I don’t think I’m that rigid.



3 thoughts on “So what do you drink?


    LOL @ promiscuity doe.
    Why you only babysitting two or three…sips????

    On the real, I won’t ever know the feeling of being drunk nor do I plan to. Kudos.

  2. TRUUUUUUUE! I drink once in a while but I understand what you mean. I love a good time without alcohol being involved. It ain’t that great anyway. I waited til I was actually 21..but didn’t drink something until one month after my birthday. lol

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