I think I’m of average intellect, but I have never been book smart. Hate memorizing things, regurgitating information into multiple choice, ECR/BCR (y’all remember those?) format. That is why I prefer papers, because even though my writing form may be questionable it still gives me a chance to explain myself and talk things out, which I find more beneficial.

But I feel that I sometimes go out of way to sound stupid or make a joke, I can’t be dignified 24/7. Can’t speak proper English for an extended period of time, hurts my mouth #nosexual. What can I say, the hood did this to me PG County all day son.

To quote Sheldon Cooper: “What’s life without whimsy?”

Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Big Bang Theory..hilarious show.

What is life without whimsy? It’s boring, conversations are lackluster, there won’t be that one person with crazy ideas, random thoughts, etc. Not that I feel the need to be that guy all the time, but sometimes I can’t help it. I’m not like that with everyone but I just cannot be serious sometimes. Even when I’m mad I smile (the joker probably said that).

So this is a PSA to everyone who acts serious 24/7. Be whimsical.


One thought on “Whimsy

  1. Whimsical. GRE world. Real talk.

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